About Us

Are you a designer? Do you consider yourself a creative person who is interested in politics and in political designs? If so, well this website is for you. This is basically a niche website that is geared for all graphic designers and artists who have either worked in the field of politics or who are interested in doing so.

We have established this website because we have realized the power of designs and creatives in pushing forward certain political goals and campaigns. Our main point here is to show to the world that designs and images are no small matter. In fact, they can actually be used to influence and even create statements and make impacts. In this website, we feature a lot of political designs that have made strong impacts in politics, starting with the designs used during the campaign of former U.S. President Barack Obama and other heads of states from different parts of the world.

But perhaps the best things about this website are our inspiration boards. We are featuring here various inspiration boards on different political personalities and campaigns and have allowed you the power to comment and discuss under each board. The point is for all graphic artists and creatives to help each other out and be inspired with each other. We hope that you will take the time to go through each inspiration board. We change the boards and content on a regular basis in order to offer you a variety of looks and designs. What’s more, we also encourage you here to engage with each other through our forum section. We hope that designers and artists are open to each other in order to be able to develop ways forward in terms of political designs. So what are you waiting for? Check out this website now.