Designing Obama,

The Role of Design in Political Campaigns

Hello there! Welcome to Designing Obama, your source of designs and information when it comes to political creatives. Designing Obama has actually started because of the strength and role of creatives and designs in the Obama campaign. The designs were so good that they have actually become very much iconic. In this website, the focus is really in looking at the roles of creatives in political campaigns. We have various offerings here that you can look at in order to see how to use continually use creatives in political campaigns, what works and what doesn’t and determine future roles and functions of graphic designers and creative people.

Designing Obama was started by a small group of designers who used to work out of a small garage with a carriage house garage door in Phoenix. Some of us have worked with the design team of the Obama campaign while others have worked on other political campaigns. We have started this website because of an advocacy — to promote the use and development of political designs and creatives in order to forge a new path for designers who are interested in this kind of endeavour. As such, this website provides the following kinds of services:

Inspiration Boards

We have made available here some inspiration boards of the designs that we have worked on before. The goal really is to show you the kind of designs that have worked in political campaigns. You are all welcome to add in your own designs. There are also comment threads available under each design board. The point is to encourage everyone to comment and discuss. We want this website to be very engaging and want to encourage everyone and all designers to talk proactively in order for us to be able to discuss current and future design trends in political campaigns.

News and Information

We have a specific section providing news and information on what’s new in political creatives and designs. We cull these from trends not just in the United States but also from around the world. The goal is to find some design pegs and at the same provide as much information as possible for the use and reference of our design community. We also feature here some known designers or innovators in the field of design for all of us to learn from and who can serve as inspiration or icons for our community.


We have a forum section where everyone can talk and engage with each other. We call on you to post questions or concerns and respond to others too. We hope that this can serve as a freedom page for everyone as well as a page where each member of this community can help each other. Feel free to create threads, to help and even to debate each other, all in the spirit of community and in the improvement of the design field, especially in the area of political creatives and designs.

Garage Door Repair – Problems and Solutions

A garage door is one of the most important and basic equipment for everyday life. When you get ready for the evening part and office and operates your garage door using a single button of your remote control, you cloud never realize the importance of a well-functioning garage door.

However, when something goes wrong with your garage door and you don’t have the option of getting your vehicle out and you are getting late to your party or office, you will realize how essential the garage door is for your daily life. Thus, when your garage door starts to malfunction, it is essential and important to perform some DIY techniques as soon as possible to keep it functional.

DIY garage door repair is not as hard as you assume. You can easily conduct some repair and maintenance projects if you are good with handy tools. But if you are not familiar with the structure of the garage door and not sure what is going on, then don’t try to attempt any DIY project, as you cloud hurt yourself and damage your property. So it is wise to hire a professional garage door company such as, Hampton, GA garage door repair company because they have qualified and trained staff who can handle the garage door expertly. There are some common problems that you can experience with your garage door. For examples;

  • Garage door remote does not respond to the opener at all
  • Garage door opener humming but does not open the garage door
  • A garage door opens and closes automatically
  • Garage door gets jams on its halfway or you need hard work to operate the garage door.
  • The garage door goes back before touching the ground
  • Misaligned garage door or dented garage door tracks

If you are experiencing any of these troubles, you will have to think about your garage door and start the repairing project immediately.  The garage door repair project basically involves some inspection of mechanical parts and motors, lubricating the machinery, changing the batteries of garage door opener, aligning the garage door tracks, as well as adjusting or replacing the garage door springs in the right way.

Before conducting a garage door inspection and performing a garage door repair work, you will have to check the power supply because you will need a continuous power supply to inspect the performance of the garage door perfectly. Next, you will have to evaluate the model and system of your garage door which you will handle. There are two types of springs which will be used as an operating system. One is extension springs and the other is torsion springs. The extension garage door springs are easier to fix and handle. You will have to inspect and fix the garage door cables, pulleys, and broken garage door rollers and springs.

If your garage door has a torsion springs system then don’t try to handle them on your own. You should call a professional to fix the springs. These springs are mounted under extreme tension that is why you may get hurt while handling these types of jobs. To check the performance of the garage door opener, pull the red code that hangs over the opener to disconnect it from the garage door. Now operate the garage door manually to test it. If the garage door springs break down suddenly, the garage door may fall eventually on anything. So be careful and keep your pets and children away from your garage door when you are conducting a DIY garage door repair work.